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Author: James W. Cobb, Partner at Cobb & Waites, PLLC

Why Do I Need a Will?

I frequently give seminars on estate planning and answer questions during consults that have the most basic estate planning question, “Do I need a Will?” Typically, the simple answer is yes. My goal in an estate planning consult is to listen to the person in front of me, understand what their goals are, and convey to them what estate planning vehicles can get them where they want to go. Read More »

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5 Common Issues and Questions When Getting a Tennessee Divorce

Divorce of a spouse can be a difficult event, physically and emotionally. When you are faced with tough decisions, sometimes it is helpful to know what you are up against. Here is a list of some common issues and questions that face couples when getting divorced in Tennessee and also helpful tips on how to handle them: Read More »

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